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Lytics addresses the core problem: Unified customer data

We understand that every business is on their own journey when it comes to building your Martech stack. For many businesses, the critical first step is connecting and unifying your customer data to create a single view of the customer. And this is a big first step. So consider this your stepladder: Lytics now offers a Core CDP product solution that meets you where you are today, providing you an open and flexible architecture focused on unifying your customer data first, with the option to grow into more advanced customer data platform features when you’re ready.

“Core” isn’t a code word for CDP lite. This is a full-stack CDP that has all the critical features you need to create a real-time, single view of your customer as well as get engagement scores, build clean customer segments and create more targeted, personalized marketing campaigns. Think of it is a foundational CDP solution, one that helps you focus on your most immediate need – replacing data silos with a unified, real-time view of the customer – and starts you on your own journey toward more personalized marketing experiences.

Today, Lytics offers several flavors of our CDP solution to meet you wherever you are on your marketing journey:

  • Core CDP to unify customer data, create a single view of the customer and enable better engagement
  • Intelligence to surface insights to understand what drives your customers, accelerate their journey towards specific marketing outcomes, and activate messaging across all channels.
  • Automate the delivery of the most relevant message, and channel, using machine-learning based predictions.

At Lytics, we understand that CDPs – or, for that matter, any new technology – can be intimidating. Your data, your skills, and your comfort zone may still be tied to how traditional data management platforms work. But a CDP can open up a new world of opportunities by unifying data, discovering new insights about your customers in real-time, and delivering personalized marketing campaigns at scale.

If your organization needs to begin with our Core CDP package, you'll get a lot more with our core than other vendors, like:

  • Built-in scoring tools that identify customers’ engagement levels, including those most likely to churn in the future;
  • Segmentation creation tools that link to your existing marketing campaigns including those in Google and Facebook;
  • Real-time access to customer profiles that can be used to offer personalized online and mobile experiences to customers.

With our new CDP packaging and pricing, we’re more aligned than ever before with your marketing goals, whether it’s a single view of the customer today or automating real-time marketing offers tomorrow. Think of us as a guide to better customer engagement, and Core CDP as the first leg of that journey. That’s how UK-based car services company Regit made the shift from a data management platform to a customer data platform. As Regit co-founder Terry Hogan put it: “At first, we struggled to let go of our traditional marketing processes. But you just have to trust your CDP to do the clever stuff. With Lytics, we’re investing in making our business better.”

Now that you know a little about our new Core CDP, we’d like to invite you to learn more. Join us on December 5, 2019, for a live webinar, “Intro to Lytics – Get a Single View of Your Customers,” to hear about our Core CDP offering and to view a live demo.