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CDPs Vs DMPs. What's The Difference?

James McDermott demystifies the differences between customer data platforms (CDPs) and data management platforms (DMPs) and outlines what you need to know about new emerging categories of marketing tech.

We’re often asked how CDPs (customer data platforms) differ from DMPs (data management platforms). Lytics CEO James McDermott recently authored this resource, originally posted on Quora, detailing some of the critical differences that are important for marketers to understand.

Our Takeaway

At Lytics, we believe that successful personalized marketing starts with customer data. Our Customer Data Platform product help brands understand how their customers interact across channels (email, web, support, etc.) and unlike other CDPs out there, Lytics offers additional predictive and behavioral insights (e.g., likely to buy, likely to churn) so you can engage the right audience at the right time. Want to see it in action? Feel free to request a demo.

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