Email your customers content they want powered by Lytics and Iterable

As more businesses accelerate their transformation to reach customers through a variety of digital channels, delivering content that resonates with each individual has to be top of mind. Delivering relevant content can take time to build and execute if you rely on less automated methods — build out complex segments, create multiple content blocks based on the varying criteria, and ensure the segment is refreshed when you send it to capture any subscribers who now fit into that complex segment.

Sounds tedious and impossible to scale, right? Imagine if you had to do this every time you wanted to send a message to your subscribers. Let me introduce you to Debbie who had a similar problem and needed a solution to help keep up with the demand for a data-driven email program.

Debbie is a digital marketing manager at a mid-size direct to consumer organization. She has the responsibility for building, sending, and reporting on customer and prospect-facing emails for the sales and marketing team.

At the moment, Debbie is sending out the same email content to each subscriber. With email open rates and clickthrough rates growing increasingly stagnant, she’s looking for opportunities to reinvigorate engagement.

Debbie has tried using the A/B testing tools within her email service provider, but it takes more time to build out two, sometimes three or more, distinct emails.

With the amount of time spent creating different versions of emails, Debbie is spending more time building and less time analyzing. She’s also had to reduce the number of emails deployed from every two weeks to once a month.

Worse, she’s not sure what’s actually causing subscribers to engage or what content could resonate for those who are not clicking through. With a stagnant program, the extended sales and marketing team are spending more time looking at other ways to connect with customers, which has led to several rounds of “test and learn” experiments.

However, because there aren’t insights into what content is driving customers to engage, Debbie’s colleagues are spending a lot of time writing tons of content and running multiple tests.

Debbie would love to have one template where she could personalize the body content to each customer based on their unique behaviors and engagement with their business. Her marketing colleagues could focus on creating content that will resonate and drive more engagement; her sales peers will be happier because they’ll know how to begin conversations for inflight cross-sell/upsell opportunities.

How did Debbie and her team solve this issue?

By incorporating Lytics to power customer insights and connect her data, Debbie also decided to select Iterable as her new email service provider to deliver email programs that support data-driven personalization. With recommended content tailored to each subscriber, she’s driving increased engagement and revenue.

Even better, her team has saved lots of time by moving away from manual A/B tests and can focus on creating the content that keeps subscribers engaged based on their current behaviors.

The combination of Lytics and Iterable equipped her with the right tools to personalize campaigns at scale by using recommendations that are automatically mapped to each customer’s behaviors to display the right piece of content that drives them to action. With the real-time audience segments, Debbie and her team can feel confident each subscriber is receiving relevant content.

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