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Start with insights and grow

By now, you likely already know organizations who have invested in the right MarTech tools were able to pivot quickly as the world made a massive shift towards more digital engagement over the past few months. Building your stack took a lot of time and effort, but maybe you’re not seeing the expected business results or gaining the insights you expected to understand why your customers are (or aren’t) engaging.

If so much change over the past quarter leaves you feeling as if you’d be starting from square one by re-evaluating your marketing tools, there may also be a fear it will take too much time to catch up. Fear not, dear marketer, you can get started right now and you’ll be happy to know Lytics is there to help with your marketing goals as they evolve over time.

Start by uncovering insights to power your current marketing programs

With the recent launch of Lytics View, you’ll have a guided path to receive insights from your customer data along with recommended actions to improve current campaigns in just days, not months.

Lytics View also provides intelligence reports to help you see how to optimize your campaigns using our built-in data science features, receive suggestions on how your content strategy can be refined to target more customers, and see your key campaign conversion metrics in one location.

Reach the right audiences to drive more conversions

Now that you know how your customers are engaging, are able to visualize campaign performance, and have started to leverage the insights provided to build new campaigns, it’s time to deliver more personalized messages to your target audiences. If you’re ready to start building audience segments aimed at your best customers or those most likely to churn, Lytics Engage is your next step.

Once you have the right audiences, you’ll also be able to drive them to relevant content using the Lytics Recommendation Engine based on their behaviors and level of engagement.

For example, Haymarket Media saw 10X higher click-throughs on emails using insights to target specific readers. It led to discovering some surprising information from their customer data, which changed how they target their key audiences.

Ready, set, automate!

If you’ve uncovered new customer insights, started building audiences to push to your activation tools to target more, and are powering effective, measurable marketing campaigns you may be asking: “What’s next?”

What if instead of always pushing your campaigns at the same time on the same day, you could identify the best time for each audience, or even a specific person, along with the best message to get their attention? Perhaps your team could probably do that for a few customers, but what about 100,000, or 1,00,000, or more?

With Lytics Transform, you’ll be able to realize the goal of building more integrated, multi-channel campaigns at scale that are delivered at the optimal time for each customer. In using our built-in decisioning, we analyze past engagement patterns to determine the best time to deliver a message and prioritize them based on past performance.

Feeling less afraid to get started on your path to digital transformation? Now, take a deep breath because you’ve got this! It’s fast, straightforward, and to get started requires minimal input from your IT organization.

Whether you’re just getting started, or are ready to level up, Lytics has a solution ready to grow the results of your marketing programs. If you’re ready to step up your marketing programs by focusing on relevant, usable customer data, let’s continue the conversation.

Ready to learn more? Register and attend the webinar on July 15 at 10AM Pacific.