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Trending theme: CDPs as marketing's central nervous system

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) were a key theme of conversation at MarTech East according to MarTech Today’s recap of the event.

In sessions and keynotes, the concepts of centralization, MarTech tool connectivity, and the rise of CDPs as the heart of the tech stack were widespread.

Various keynotes and panel discussions revolved around CDP adoption and two major brands and Lytics customers, Dr. Martens and The Economist, drew packed rooms and discussed how they achieve improved results using CDPs for more targeted, relevant marketing.

The Economist At Martech The Economist At Martech

Our takeaway

At MarTech East, we certainly felt the buzz surrounding Customer Data Platforms. The Lytics booth was packed with brands wanting to learn more about how they could benefit from a CDP like ours.

The idea of having a central nervous system for the MarTech stack resonated with digital marketers struggling to deliver a more personalized customer experience amongst up to a dozen MarTech point tools.

Curious to learn more about how a CDP can help orchestrate your marketing campaigns? Reach out for a demo.

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