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Welcome letter from Lytics' new President, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff

Last week, when I began crafting this post, our communities were initially grappling with the new reality associated with the COVID-19 virus. The impacts on our day to day lives are now being felt far and wide and we have only assumptions about the longer-term impacts on our personal and professional lives. While I want to articulate how incredibly honored and personally excited I am to be joining Lytics at a time that I believe our business ecosystem needs technology that streamlines decisions, optimizes outcomes, and quite frankly reduces waste, my announcement comes at a time when we are all feeling massive uncertainty. I recognize all of this and want you to know that given the uncertainty we are grappling with, I’m 100% committed to promoting Lytics’ mission of empowering our customers to deliver meaningful experiences that consumers love and need. We are now starting to experience just what “need” means. To that end, and with great understanding about the timing of this note, I do want to share a few thoughts.

As one of Lytics' earliest advisors, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing James McDermott, Aaron Raddon, and the team for many years. I’ve seen and experienced the innovations Lytics has put into the market, and when I was invited to join, I was both humbled and excited. I believe in what we are doing, now more than ever. We are building technology that not only improves consumer experiences but helps businesses economize their practices - which will be critical in the coming months.

I’ve also personally long been a champion for supporting values and mission-driven companies. In my over 20 years of experience with great businesses like Yahoo!, Microsoft, and most recently Mozilla, I’ve had the opportunity to create environments where there is an emphasis toward valuing team success above individual achievement (while still acknowledging greatness), developing inclusive work practices, and being absolutely obsessed with customer success. I am looking forward to helping Lytics achieve the next phase of success and to that end, as our new President, I will be leading our go-to-market, product strategy, and customer success effort in addition to supporting the core operations of the business in my new leadership role.

So, while my first official week at Lytics is vastly different than that I had imagined, I have no doubt in the strength of our team and capabilities of our technology and I look forward to navigating this next phase with my colleagues and our customers.


A few more thoughts about our industry and Lytics’ opportunity

The CDP industry is poised for growth, change and I believe is going to be a mobilizer for altruism in business practices

The CDP category is hot. It's hot because digital native companies have forever changed customers' expectations. Getting all your music built into your own custom channel, knowing what might be important to buy or take action on next, and always recommending the best movie to watch for each individual has rewritten the rules on how to engage with consumers and, frankly, has changed how we need to think about marketing and consumer expectation. Delivering an actually personalized experience from the first touch in an advertisement to the experience in your product, for each individual you serve, is becoming table stakes to be competitive and the technology to help companies get there is the CDP. This is exciting and also impactful. The vendors that will have the biggest impact on their customers, and define the future of the category, will go beyond providing a single view of the customer to delivering real intelligence that they can put to work to create personalized experiences at scale and they’ll help move away the nonsense that has quite frankly become fatiguing to many of us. It is also tremendous business to reduce waste, improve customer satisfaction and service, and be the brand experience so needed in our marketplace.

Insights are critical and Lytics has made great decisions

I’ve been tracking the CDP market for years and while it continues to get more crowded and more confusing as companies join the hype, I see Lytics as a standout. The co-founders made a decision early to invest in creating insights that marketers could take action with and machine learning to find them. Those investments have become the foundation that sets Lytics apart from our competitors.

While we’ve heard the term “actionable insights’ bandied about for years, we all know that the insights provided in the past weren’t easily applied to the way a marketer works. Lytics’ foundational investments give marketers access to insights about the motivations behind their customers’ activities and the tools to connect those insights into real-time recommendations, from content on their site to products in their portfolio, that marketers can program into the customer’s lifecycle. This is where we differentiate ourselves and how we help marketers improve their marketing programs and experiences for their customers.

To our customers: I’m excited to work with you

As I write this post we find ourselves in an unprecedented time of change and uncertainty, not knowing exactly what to expect in the coming days, weeks, and months. And, as we find our way back to normalcy I'm confident that every business, including our own, will need to be even more focused on how we deliver even more value to our customers. You have my commitment that I will focus on this priority at Lytics.

Drop me a DM or send me an email; I’m excited to meet you.




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