Audience Segmentation

Transform the way you reach customers by building dynamic audience segments based on personal interests and real-time behaviors.

220% purchase conversion improvement

by targeting DNA kit cart abandon users after 30 minutes with email and Facebook ads

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Create real time segments leveraging the power of content affinity

Start simple and expand over time

Lytics gives you better segmentation opportunities out of the box, with prebuilt audiences based on user behaviors, such as:

  • First-time visitors
  • Frequent users
  • Likely to re-engage visitors
  • At-risk users
  • Likely to churn
  • Highly engaged users
  • Moderately engaged users

Improve your targeting precision

Narrow the size of your target audience based on intelligent parameters, such as ‘has interacted with your brand in the past seven days’ and ‘shows an affinity for’ specific topics.

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Activate segments across channels

By connecting Lytics to your marketing tech stack, you can not only create a unified user profile, but also send a consistent message through all of your activation channels, including ad platforms, email tools, mobile apps, and your website.

For example, you can offer the same personalized coupon on mobile, web, and email–for a seamless brand experience.

Update audience membership in real time

Real-time segment building options ensure you’re targeting the right user at the right time. For example, Lytics automatically move users to a different audience once they subscribe to your list, or you can identify who has abandoned their cart and engage them immediately.

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