• Leadership

    Learn more about the Lytics leaders

  • Leadership

    Learn more about the Lytics leaders

James McDermott

James McDermott, CEO

James McDermott is co-founder and CEO of Lytics. James was previously CEO of Storycode, a mobile software company acquired by Postano and vice president, business development at Webtrends, an analytics and optimization company.

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, President

As President, Jascha is responsible for Go-To-Market, Customer Success, and operations. Prior to Lytics, he has held executive positions in Product, Marketing & Customer success at Mozilla, BitTorrent, Webtrends, Microsoft, and more.

Aaron Raddon

Aaron Raddon, CTO

Aaron Raddon is the co-founder and CTO of Lytics. Prior to Lytics, Aaron was a software engineer at Webtrends. He is an avid outdoorsman in his spare time.

Joyce Boss

Joyce Boss, CFO

Joyce Boss is the Chief Financial Officer of Lytics responsible for finance and accounting. Joyce was previously the CFO at Cedexis, which was acquired by Citrix. She has also held financial leadership roles at Janrain and Tripwire after starting her career in public accounting.

Kathryn Gruenefeldt

Kathryn Gruenefeldt, VP of Engineering

Kathryn Gruenefeldt is the VP of Engineering at Lytics and is responsible for leading the Software, DevOps, and Data Science Engineering teams. She's spent over 20 years leading engineering teams, most recently at Joust Labs, Inc. and Simple Finance. She holds a BA in computer science, finance, and management from the University of Oregon and an MS degree in computer science from UC-Davis.

Mark Hayden

Mark Hayden, VP of Product

Mark Hayden is the VP of Product at Lytics. He joined in 2014 as an integrations engineer and has played a pivotal role in designing the Lytics platform from the ground up. Prior to Lytics, Mark worked at Cozy and Santy.

Jonathan Cogan

Jonathan Cogan, SVP of Global Sales

Jonathan Cogan is responsible for leading global sales at Lytics and is focused on both new business development and existing client success. Previously, Jonathan was the SVP of Sales at Jama Software and GoodData and has also held senior sales leadership roles at both Janrain and Webtrends.

Jennifer Hornick

Jennifer Hornick, VP of Services

Jennifer Hornick is the VP of Services for Lytics, responsible for all customer onboarding, training, professional services, strategic services, and technical support. Prior to Lytics, Jennifer held leadership roles for the Professional Services and Partner Operations team at Janrain (acquired by Akamai), and Enterprise Project Management Office at Vesta Corporation. She holds a BS in Business Administration from Suffolk University and an MS in Organizational Leadership & Ethics from St. Edward's University.

Carol Ward

Carol Ward, VP of People

Carol Ward is the VP of People at Lytics and is responsible for all Human Resource and administrative functions. Carol was previously the VP of Human Resources at Janrain, which was acquired by Akamai Technologies. She has also held HR leadership roles at Digimarc, YottaMark, Merant, and ADP.

Lewis Barr

Lewis Barr, VP of Legal

Lewis Barr is responsible for the company's legal and compliance matters. He was previously the General Counsel and VP of Privacy at Janrain, held legal leadership positions at Fios and New Edge Networks, and worked as an attorney in private practice. Lewis began his legal career as a staff attorney with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit after serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Gabon, Africa.

Corey Ganzman

Corey Ganzman, VP of Marketing

Corey Ganzman is the VP of Marketing at Lytics and leads the global marketing team. Over the last two decades, Corey has held leadership and senior marketing roles at Responsys, Hearsay Social, Wells Fargo, and more.

Lytics is backed by JMI Equity, Comcast Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, Voyager Capital, Rembrandt Venture Partners, and EPIC Ventures.

Lytics board members

James McDermott
James McDermott, Lytics CEO
Erik Benson
Erik Benson, Voyager Capital
Suken Vakil
Suken Vakil, JMI Equity
Brett Queener
Brett Queener, Independent
Andrew Cleland
Andrew Cleland, Comcast Ventures