Lytics Customer Data Platform enables great personalized experiences

Lytics helps marketers unify first-party data and interpret it with actionable insights on user behavior, content interests, channel preference, and more. By leveraging powerful, built-in data science to predict future actions, you can deliver a relevant cross-channel message in the moment your customer wants to receive it.
Unified Customer Profile
Audience Segmentation
Customer Insights
Journey Orchestration
Next Best Experience

Actionable profiles for anonymous and known customers

Lytics automates the process for both collecting and merging anonymous and known user profiles that update in real-time and can be passed through to downstream marketing tools. Both anonymous and known profiles stay current in Lytics with always-on machine learning, behavioral scoring, content affinity, and other actions as users engage with your brand.

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Connect the data you need at the speed of your customers

Lytics supports data feeds at the pace of business, giving marketers near real-time access to actions, behaviors, and events that impact user profiles.

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Identities resolved with multiple unique identifiers

Some solutions require the creation of a new master key or the identification of a single key for joining records. Lytics flexibly allows profiles to be built off of multiple unique identifiers, leading to more identity matches, at a higher level of accuracy.

Secure your data

Be confident that your data stays with you. We provide added security capabilities such as Single Sign-On (SSO), 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), consent management tools, and more.

Updated and available in real-time

Audience membership is updated in real-time to reflect in-the-moment customer interests and behaviors. Never miss an opportunity to deliver an experience to customers when they most need it.

Intuitive drag and drop Audience builder

Create, edit, and manage audiences quickly and easily with our intuitive Audience builder. Add filters for behavior, content interests, demographics, and more to create a specific group of users to target.

Measure audience growth over time

Easily track and monitor how your audiences evolve over time with audience reporting. Measure how different Experiences impact audience growth and gain visibility into the unique characteristics of the individuals that make up that audience.

Personalization API based on audience membership

For teams that thrive in a world of customization, our personalization API enables you to retrieve any user profile attribute or audience membership status via our RESTful API. Be empowered to build your own personalization or recommendation engine to deliver relevant content to users.

Unlock new audiences most likely to convert

Audience Discovery unlocks insights that influence movement toward a conversion. Use these insights to target your best customers or those at risk of churning with campaigns designed specifically for them.

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Understand which content resonates best

Content Affinity measures an individual’s level of engagement with your content. Use topic affinity scores to surface relevant and interesting content that keeps users engaged.

Identify behavior trends and triggers

Behavioral scoring uses in-depth analysis to understand an individual’s engagement with your brand. Scores for momentum, intensity, frequency, recency, quantity, and propensity help you unlock new smart audiences for people likely to churn, highly engaged, and more; helping you develop a communication plan that matches your user’s level of engagement.

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Learn which types of Experiences drive results

Build stronger engagement strategies by understanding which Experiences provide better results and why.

Discover what drives movement across journey stages

Unlock the key attributes within your customer data that are driving movement between stages of your customer journey. By understanding who is most likely to convert from one stage to the next stage, and why, you can accelerate movement for greater impact and ROI.

Visualize cross-channel experiences

Get complete visibility of your cross-channel campaigns in a centralized location. The Journey Canvas enables you to organize your Experiences — with an intuitive drag and drop interface — to see how customers move towards a specific marketing outcome.

Coordinate Experience activation for each stage of the customer journey

Align your experiences to the appropriate stage(s) of your customer journey. Define a single Experience, or multiple Experience options that a user can interact with at their particular moment of engagement with your brand.

Real-time audiences automatically move customers to the next journey stage

As individuals start to engage with your Experiences, their profile characteristics will change in real-time. Lytics listens for user’s signals, and moves them through journey stages according to their individualized engagement - instead of static time-based rules. Creating a unique sequence of experiences for each user, on the cadence that meets their needs.

Measure the impact of your Experiences

Your customer journey requires close attention and thought to ensure your messages are resonating and driving expected results. Drill in to each stage or Experience to view reach, clicks, and more to measure how your messages are performing.

Personalization at scale

Scalable personalization to a segment of 1 exceeds human capacity. It requires in-depth understanding of an individual’s preferences, an even deeper understanding of the content available to serve them, and a strategy of engagement that uses machine learning to predict when they’re most likely to engage in a certain channel.

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Delivery Optimization

Leverage in-depth behavioral analysis with machine learning to predict when a person is most likely to engage, in which channel, and with which content. Use automation to trigger your downstream campaign tools to activate the right Experience for the individual.

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Always-on engagement

Serve your customers with an optimal message in the moment they’re engaging with you. Develop an ongoing system of engagement that presents a relevant Experience (product recommendation, limited time offer) at the time and place your customer chooses to interact.

Deliver smarter recommendations

Product or content recommendations are a great way to keep your customers interested in your brand and always top of mind. To deliver recommendations that resonate, you need to understand your content just as well as you understand your customer. Use the Lytics Content Affinity Engine — powered by Next Best Experience automation — to keep your customers coming back for more.

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