Lytics Customer Data Platform

Unify your data.

Understand your customers.

Deliver personalized experiences.

Get results.

Unify customer profiles
Segment audiences
Get insights
Orchestrate journeys
Automate experiences

Anonymous and known profiles

Collect and normalize anonymous and known user profiles automatically to build unique, unified customer profiles.

Update profiles in real-time and pass to downstream marketing tools.

Capture actions as users engage with your brand.

Using machine learning, all profiles remain current with interest and engagement scoring.

Learn more about the single view of your customer

Connect data in real-time

Real-time access to data feeds on actions, behaviors, and events that impact user profiles.

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Flexible identity resolution

Build profiles off of multiple unique identifiers, leading to more identity matches with increased accuracy, without the creation of a new master key.

Secure data

Single Sign-On (SSO), 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), consent management tools, and more for increased security.

Real-time availability

Audience membership updated in real-time to reflect in-the-moment customer interests and behaviors.

Audience builder

Create, edit, and manage audiences quickly and easily.

Add filters for behavior, content interests, demographics, and more to create target groups.

Measure audience growth over time

Monitor and track audience evolution over time.

Measure the impact of different experiences and gain visibility into the unique characteristics of individuals within an audience.

Personalization API

Retrieve any user profile attribute or audience membership status to build your own personalization or recommendation engine using a RESTful API.

Unlock new audiences to increase conversion

Create campaigns to influence conversion goals using surfaced insights from Audience Discovery.

Target your best customers or those at risk of churning, with campaigns designed specifically for them.

Learn about Audience Discovery

Understand which content resonates best

Surface content recommendations to increase customer engagement using topic affinity scores.

Identify behavior trends and triggers

Understand brand engagement with behavioral scoring.

Momentum, intensity, frequency, recency, quality, and propensity scoring helps develop a communication plan that matches users’ level of engagement with conversion goals.

Learn more about engagement scores

Learn which experiences drive results

Build stronger engagement strategies by understanding which experiences provide better results and why.

Discover what drives movement across journey stages

Understand who is most likely to convert from one stage of the customer journey to the next and why.

Visualize cross-channel journeys

Visibility of all cross-channel campaigns in a centralized location.

Organize all experiences to view how customers move towards specific marketing outcomes.

Coordinate campaign activation for each stage of the customer journey

Align experiences to the appropriate stage(s) of the customer journey.

Define a single experience, or multiple options, available for brand engagement.

Automate moving customers through the journey

Automate the interactions with customers through various journey stages according to their real-time individual engagement and signals, recognizing any changing profile characteristics.

Measure the impact of all experiences

Drill into each stage of the journey or experience to view reach, clicks, and more to measure message performance.

Next best experience

Use automation to trigger your downstream campaign tools to activate the right experience for each individual.

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Delivery optimization

Leverage in-depth behavioral analysis to predict when a person is most likely to engage and deliver experiences at the right moment for each individual.

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Automate content recommendations

Understand your content and how it best matches to individual interests.

Automate content recommendations to keep visitors engaged & increase conversions by offering relevant information.

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