Event Hub

Connect, transform, and standardize all your data sources into a fast, highly scalable Event Hub that gets your data where it needs to go

Connect to anything

We have over 100 integrations across the marketing ecosystem. Our well documented connectors support a wide array of protocols, formats, and industry standards.

Transform and standardize

Our event hub connectors can convert virtually any data source into a standardized event stream. Convert a Point of Sale export into a stream of purchases. Transform a lead export from a CRM into a stream of prospect state changes. All using open standards.

Speed at any scale

By virtue of being on the Google Cloud, the Event Hub can process tens of billions of events per day. Our architecture can be scaled to meet your cost and performance needs.

Fully enriched events

When deployed alongside the Lytics CDP, events passing through the Event Hub are enriched with the Lytics Identity Graph. This allows events to carry user context across channels, enabling richer decisioning downstream.

Supercharge your data warehouse

The Event Hub support event logging across multiple data warehouses via a standardized schema. This data is continuously updated, enabling true real-time analytics. The event data can also be further enriched by your data teams and sent back through the datahub for routing and downstream use.

Empower your cloud

Our suite of fully managed connectors specifically support onboarding data into AWS, Azure, and Google. Easily ingress your data into your cloud of choice and make it available throughout the ecosystem.

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