Customer Data Platforms 101: A Marketer’s Guide

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Customer Data Platforms 101: A Marketer’s Guide

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If you’re not quite clear on what a CDP is, you’re not alone.

The most practical way to define a CDP is by looking at what it should do for marketers.

With third party data and cookies rapidly falling out of use, 73% of companies report that a CDP will be critical to their customer experience efforts. However, adding new software to a complicated tech stack can feel daunting, but a CDP doesn’t complicate your MarTech. It unites it.

In this guide you’ll learn:

•  What a CDP is and how it drive business results

•  The significant role CDPs play in first-party data collection

•  How CDPs can automate omni-channel, personalized marketing

•  How CDPs help companies stay compliant with data privacy regulations