Data science for Marketing: Launching a data-driven strategy

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Data science for Marketing: Launching a data-driven strategy

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A practical guide for aligning marketing and technology teams to launch an effective data-driven strategy.

If you’re a marketer, chances are you already know that data-driven marketing performs better. In fact, data-driven businesses grow 30% more per year than their competitors. They’re also six times more likely to be profitable.

Those are some compelling stats. Which is why it’s no surprise that marketers are getting more and more serious about data every year.

Yet, despite this growing knowledge and the fast-growing marketing spend on data (20% of all marketing spend in the entire US), 87% of marketers still say data is their company’s most underutilized asset.

But why? Why is figuring out what to do with data so hard? What are we missing? How can we make sure we’re collecting the right data, interpreting it correctly, and, ultimately, using it to drive real business results?

The answers start with data science—a discipline that’s all about using data to gather actionable insights.

Download our latest guide to find out what our data scientists had to say about what data science is, how it works, why it matters for marketers, and the one overlooked step in the process that makes all the difference in your marketing results.

In this Data Science guide, you’ll learn:

– What data science can do for marketers

– Why data science-driven marketing is so much more effective than traditional methods

– What data science, machine learning, and AI are—and why they matter in marketing

– What types of insights are available through data science

– How data science models work

– The step in the data science process that makes the biggest impact in marketing results

Download the guide today to learn about how data science impacts marketing. And let us know if you have any questions along the way or want to set up a Lytics demo for your team.

Data Science for Marketing