Google offers a variety of products for businesses including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Cloud. By integrating Lytics with Google businesses can unlock their customer data to drive better customer experiences.

Lytics integration with Google spans multiple use cases.

Easy Integration with the Google Marketing Platform

– Start by deploying Lytics via your Google Tag manager implementation. This means Lytics will be collecting data in minutes and enriching your customer data immediately.

– Stream customer data and segment information into Google Analytics or Google Analytics 360 for better reporting on customer engagement

– Lytics integration with Google Ads allows businesses to use first party data in customer match for better performing Advertising campaigns.

– Are you a publisher using DFP? Sell better targeted ads by integrating Lytics audiences into DFP.

Powerful data and analytics Integration with the Google Cloud Platform

– Have valuable customer data stored in BigQuery? With the Lytics and Google BigQuery integration, you can stream that data into Lytics. This allows Lytics to build a holistic view of your customer.

– Run Google Data studio on top of Lytics and Google BigQuery for campaign and performance reporting.

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Google Tag Manager, with the prebuilt integration with:

Google Ads

Google Analytics

Google BigQuery