Webinar: Operationalizing a Digital Experience (DXP) Platform to Put Customers First

In this webinar, we discuss new research that uncovers how leading organizations orient their Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) to put customer data first.


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You’ve already put your customers at the center of your digital experience strategy. But if you’re like many organizations, your current digital experience platform has your content management or marketing automation system at the center. This means your organization cannot execute truly real-time, customer-centric programs. The new generation of DXPs are organized around customer data that drives content and marketing to the right person, at the right moment – not the other way around.

In this webinar, Connie Moore, Senior Vice President of Research for Digital Clarity Group, presents this new research on how organizations are orienting their digital experience platforms around customer data. With the research as context, Connie and Jeff Brown, Director of Product Marketing for Lytics, examine the approaches taken by leading brands. What forces are driving this transformation? What tangible proof points show how customer data-centric digital experiences are delivering success?

In this webinar, and its accompanying research report, you’ll learn:

– The big-picture issues that many digital experience leaders pointed out as essential for true business transformation

– Why nearly 70% of organizations are choosing a multi-vendor approach as they assemble their digital experience technologies

– Why customer data technologies are the linchpin for digital experience platforms

– How to ensure that your digital experience strategy puts comprehensive and accessible customer data at its center

– How leaders and fast followers get started, and what success looks like