Measuring Trust Instead of Transactions: Optimizing Digital Content Experiences

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Measuring Trust Instead of Transactions: Optimizing Digital Content Experiences

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Consumer trust is at an all-time low. People are increasingly skeptical that brands will make good on their promises, in part because marketers deliver offers in the wrong context, confusing and disappointing customers. If marketers focus on measuring trust — not just transactions — they can deliver better long-term business results.

The key to fostering trust is not just delivering engaging content-driven experiences, but doing so within the context of where and when consumers expect to see them. With this approach, customers feel known and understood.

In this white paper, Robert Rose, senior contributing analyst at Digital Clarity Group, explains why and how a shift from simply measuring transactions to measuring trust will deliver better experiences for customers and better results for marketers. You’ll gain insight into:

– The unintended consequences of personalization technologies

– The failed promises of “dynamic content”

– Delivering contextual experiences through the lens of trust

Read this white paper and learn how to foster a marketing culture of trust will deliver benefits to customers, to the brand, and to marketing teams.

Author Robert Rose is Senior Contributing Analyst with Digital Clarity Group. He is the author of the book Managing Content Marketing, which spent two weeks as a top ten marketing book on As a recognized expert in content marketing strategy, digital media and the social web, Robert has helped large companies such as 3M, ADP, AT&T, KPMG, Staples, PTC, and Petco tell their story more effectively.