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Marketers are using more apps, generating more data, and investing more budget in ad spend than ever. Lytics can help you optimize your ad spend with more conversions for less money--and you can see the results for yourself with our Try Lytics program.

Why try Lytics now?

Third-party cookies are going away.​

Gather first-party behavioral data to understand what your customers really want.

Build your own first-party data strategy.

Collect and secure data with customer consent to minimize the risks of technology disruption and privacy regulations.

Traditional segmentation doesn’t cut it.​​

Deliver the personalized experience customers have learned to expect from brands like Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify.

Earn a return before you invest.​

Don’t wait months (or years!) to see ROI, like you would with most customer data platforms (CDPs).

How does it work?

We’re offering select brands* an opportunity to try Lytics free for 30 days. All you have to do is fill out the form to get started.

  1. 1

    Install the Lytics Javascript tag on your website using Google Tag Manager or your own tag management system.

  2. 2

    Connect a supported email service provider, or import a CSV file containing customer data (optional).

  3. 3

    Connect a single ad platform where you’ll see the power of Lytics AI decision engine and behavioral scoring.

  4. 4

    Export an intelligent Lytics target audience where you’ll see a sample of what Lytics can do!

* Capacity is limited. Lytics must approve brands to particiapte in this program.

What will you get?

Actionable insights

Optimize audiences that reduce spend and increase conversion rates.

Audience behaviors

Analyze your customers’ website behaviors and your imported data to create intelligent audiences using data science.


Surface customer preferences using natural language processing to categorize your web content into related topics.


Choose to join a cohort of similar brands and product experts in twice-weekly micro-webinars with live Q&A.


Define your first use case to see how Lytics can help you reduce ad spend and boost conversion rates.

Return on ad spend

Reduce costs and increase conversions with hyper-targeted ad audiences on your chosen network.

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