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On Demand | Customer Spotlight: How Tableau's Smart Martech Stack Improves Digital Customer Experiences

The Marketing team at Tableau set out to deliver and improve on great customer marketing experiences by upgrading their technology stack. They quickly realized success would require more than simply evaluating the latest whizbang marketing solutions or deciding to build what they needed from scratch.

The right approach for Tableau, a combination of build and buy, came to light through a self-assessment of their culture, skill sets, workflows and existing tools. The result included Lytics Smart CDP as the core data integration, insights and activation platform and Tableau providing the data visualizations the business needed.

In this Lytics customer spotlight, Jason Widup, Tableau VP of Marketing Operations, shares how Tableau approached this dilemma, the lessons they learned and the successes they’ve achieved in operationalizing excellent digital experiences for prospects and customers.

Watch now and learn how Tableau’s new martech stack, with Lytics Smart CDP at the core, enabled them to:

  • Improve their customers' experience
  • Reap more accurate journey data and lead quality
  • Attain media efficiency and better targeting