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5 Lytics CDP marketing results that will blow you away

If you want to grow revenue, customer loyalty, and marketing ROI, the answer is in harnessing customer data. But don't take our word for it. Our real-world results speak much louder than we ever could.

It’s no secret that data-driven, personalized marketing has become an integral part of business success. Personalization is proven to drive more sales, increase overall purchase amounts, and encourage repeat business. Data-driven marketing makes companies six times more likely to be profitable year-over-year. And the technology that makes it all possible—Customer Data Platforms—will be worth $1 billion by 2019.

So, chances are, your business is already thinking about becoming more data-driven and giving customers more of the personalization they’re asking for. The next question is simply how. How can your brand harness customer data to achieve these kinds of results?

We believe the answer is a Customer Data Platform like Lytics—designed to collect, unify, and segment data and provide actionable predictions and customer insights based on user behavior.

Of course, we’re biased. We live, breathe, and love Lytics every single day.

But you don’t have to trust our word on this. Our customer results speak much louder than we ever could. Here are five results we think will blow your mind:

1. Agora Financial increased their monthly average revenue by a whopping 167%.

In the words of their Web Director, TJ Tate, “The results with Lytics have been great. We are up 167% in website-specific monthly average revenue since launching onsite personalization. We have published 45 campaigns to date and some of them reach as high as 30% click-through rates. Lytics has also provided us with insights into where our customers are located across our various marketing channels. Because of how usable and marketer friendly the product is, we’ve saved lot of time and reduced the level of effort to create and execute website campaigns.”

2. The Economist grew digital subscriptions by 3x.

They also decreased acquisitions cost by 80% and increased time on site. They attribute these successes to Lytics’ behavioral scoring, predictive modeling, and data science-based content affinities.

3. Dr. Martens increased conversions by 60%.

They also increased order value by 20% and identified their most valuable customers—people six times more likely to buy than their counterparts.

4. Access Intelligence grew their professional services business by 54%.

In the words of James Capo, VP of Digital Services and Business Development, “The Lytics set has been a delight to work with…We use a lot of technology partners. Our tech stack is very complex. We have a lot of integrations. And the team at Lytics has been…incredibly helpful…The customer service and flexibility the team has provided us has been some of the best I’ve seen in the industry.”

5. One Lytics client increased conversions by 3x.

The client used Lytics to identify the customers most likely to buy and targeted those customers on Facebook. In addition to tripling conversions, the campaign decreased cost per conversion by 90%.

Interested in how Lytics can transform your business? We’d love to show you. Schedule a demo today.