Uncovering the right customer data for your business

Last year, Lytics partnered with technology market research firm Vanson Bourne to conduct a study of marketing and IT professionals in the US to better understand their attitudes toward a variety of issues around accessing and using customer data today. (You can download the study here.)

It revealed that one of the biggest concerns marketers have, shared by over 2/3rds of them (69%) is the imminent disappearance of third-party data. Traditionally, marketing departments have used third-party data, specifically demographic data, to build personas and segments and then target them. 

But big tech companies like Mozilla, Apple, and Google and regulations like CCPA and GDPR are restricting third-party cookies, reducing their value. Nonetheless, many if not most marketers still use them as an integral part of their customer data strategy, but the value of third-party cookies is diminishing. 

Not all is lost, as organizations are building up vast troves of first-party data they can turn to for insight in scalable cloud warehouses, but this wealth of data poses its own problem. While marketers want to use the data to deliver better experiences to customers, it can be difficult (if not impossible) for them to determine which data offer the most insight. 

You’re not alone if you’re wondering things like: 

  • What types of data are poised to provide value to marketers today? 
  • How can marketers access those data? 
  • What technologies can help marketers sift through vast volumes of data to find the valuable, actionable insights it contains?

If you want answers, we have some for you. Lytics and Vanson Bourne partnered once again to explore these questions in a webinar held on Wednesday, March 3rd, titled How to uncover the right customer data for your business. Featuring Jessica Gillingham, Research Manager at Vanson Bourne, and Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, President of Lytics, the webinar examined these questions, data points from the study, and Google’s recent announcement that it would stop accepting third-party data in its advertising ecosystem.

Watch it today to find out: 

  • Why more data isn’t necessarily the answer to marketers’ dilemmas
  • Why third-party data is less valuable now than before
  • How first-party data may hold the key to unlocking personalized marketing

Watch the replay!