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Your free CDP readiness checklist

Is your company ready for a CDP? What do you need before you can implement one? You'll find the answers here.

It’s no secret that Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are knocking marketing results out of the park.

86% of retailers report KPI improvement with a CDP.

Companies like Haymarket Media are watching as CDPs 10x their click-through rates.

And 66% of marketers increased their data spending in 2019, with 89% saying they use data to make strategic decisions.

Figures like those make it pretty clear that CDPs are the next big thing. And not just because of hype—because of real marketing results.

But here’s the thing: If you’re on a small team or a team that’s already stretched too thin…if you’re not that tech savvy and if “data-driven” isn’t in your company’s vocabulary yet…those stats sound amazing, and they also sound out of reach.

Because how can you wrangle all your customer data into a centralized platform if you haven’t got a clue where your data even is? How can you prioritize personalization when you’re still stuck in batch-and-blast?

Not to mention, how long is it going to take to get from not-data-driven-at-all to seeing results with a CDP?

These are the kinds of questions we hear often. CDPs sound great. But they also sound daunting.

Which is why we asked our experts to weigh in in our latest white paper. You can download your copy here or read on for a quick checklist to assess your CDP readiness.

Because the truth is that you are more ready for a CDP than you think. You don’t have to be a tech genius or have a year to wait for results. You don’t need a team of 10 or a full-time dedicated CDP person. All you need to get started are a few simple things (that you probably already have).

So, what are those CDP prerequisites? Here’s the checklist our experts put together:

Your CDP readiness checklist

CDP Readiness Checklist

Can’t see the checklist graphic above? No problem. Here it is in text format:

  • Are you trying to:
    • Unify your data for a single view of your customer?
    • Understand how customers engage with your brand?
    • Leverage coordinated audiences across multiple marketing channels?
  • Does your team have at least two people to champion the project?

  • Are you marketing in at least one channel (e.g. web, email, or social media)?

  • Can you devote 20 hours a week for eight weeks to get your first use case up and running to get results?

  • Do you have an IT or data person (in-house or contract) who can help you with the initial IT setup and occasional maintenance?

If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations! You’re ready for a CDP and could launch your first campaign and start seeing results in as little as 60 days with a program like StartSmart.

Ready to chat with the experts?

We’d love to talk about your business and how a CDP can help you reach your goals. Download the CDP Readiness Guide to learn more about why you're probably more ready for a CDP than you think. Or reach out today to get the conversation started or request a free demo!