Achieve your marketing goals with Lytics’ data science, artificial intelligence, and automation

Lytics customer data platform accelerates your digital transformation by creating personalized website experiences, recommending relevant products and content, and optimizing ad spend in real time.

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Lytics View

Drive customer engagement and increase conversion rates

Define your goals, then get actionable insights and key conversion metrics for your current campaigns. Powered by data science, Lytics View gives you the insights you need to save time, money, and resources.

Lytics Engage

Increase customer lifetime value

Use your first-party data and Lytics’ data science to build audience segments that target your best customers and lift conversion rates. Deliver relevant content and product recommendations to deepen relationships.

Lytics Transform

Digitally transform your marketing

Automatically deliver the right content at the right time in the right channel for every customer. With Lytics Transform, you can reap the benefits of its continuously improving machine learning-powered decisioning.

Built by data. Backed by data science.

Accelerate your digital transformation with Lytics’ machine-learning simulations, intelligence reports, real-time data readouts, look-alike modeling, and more.

Lytics AI decision engine analyzes hundreds of behavioral attributes to create actionable customer profiles and effective strategies to engage them through:


One-to-one personalization


Online advertising


Email marketing campaigns


Content and production recommendations

Take your marketing beyond proactive to predictive and see ROI in weeks.

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