Lytics View gives you access to the types of marketing insights used by the world’s most successful digital brands

The idea of digital transformation can be scary, and for good reason. Over the years, studies have shown that digital transformation projects often go over budget, take far longer than anticipated, and still fail to meet their objectives. Much of the problem until now has been a too-broad picture of what digital transformation really looks like. Is it e-commerce enablement, cloud-based business applications, enterprise mobility, or a combination of those and other technologies?

In recent months, we’ve had a very clear picture of what digital transformation looks like because nearly every industry has had to shift to a primarily digital platform in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. And when the pandemic passes, businesses will remain transformed. Consumer expectations of omni-channel experiences aren’t going away, but will get stronger. In-store experiences that leverage online technologies (e.g., endless aisles, buy-online-pickup-in-store), personalized content recommendations, and dynamic web experiences are part of the new normal for consumers. And many of the businesses that are thriving today are those that have been able to adapt (i.e., transform) to the shifting demands of consumers in this digital age.

A new way to digitally transform

So, you may be feeling concerned that it’s too late and wonder how you can possibly make changes quickly. There is good news and it’s called Lytics View. It’s a brand-new way to start digitally transforming your marketing efforts in as little as seven days. You read that right: within one week, you can start seeing important results in marketing effectiveness through new insights into your customers, your content, and your campaigns.

You may have already heard about customer data platforms (CDPs) and how they’re changing the way that brands collect, analyze, and activate data. Lytics View provides the fastest time to value to begin using CDP technology to deliver better customer experiences and better performing campaigns. It’s simple to get started; if you can copy and paste a JavaScript tag into a web page (and we know that you can), you can begin collecting valuable behavioral data from your website traffic, Facebook, or Google ads, and email campaign tool within 24 hours. In seven days, you will have enough data to begin making meaningful changes to your marketing campaigns through personalized experiences and more informed customer targeting.

You’ll notice that we haven’t mentioned IT yet. That’s because you don’t need significant IT involvement to start using Lytics View. You’ll still need IT for a lot of other things in your day-to-day job, so don’t get too cocky, but you won’t have to go through complex IT processes or months-long, resource-intensive projects to start using Lytics View right away.

The right data with the right data science

Lytics is different from other CDP vendors because we combine the right data with the right data science. By “the right data,” we mean the behavioral data that customers and prospects generate through their interaction with your brand. It might be clicking on content with a common theme, a preference for one channel over another, product interests that they share with other customers, or patterns that could predict customer churn. Only about 10% of the data you collect is behavioral data, yet this represents over 80%of what you need to know about customers and prospects to personalize your engagement with them.

The “right data science” refers to the robust artificial intelligence and machine learning provided by Lytics. This science leads to faster discoveries and a clearer understanding of how engaged your customers really are, how effective your marketing campaigns are, which customers are likely to churn (and which customers you should try to win back), where your marketing spend will get you the biggest results, and more. Along with those insights, Lytics View also provides recommendations on the next actions you should take to help you meet your objectives so you can measure your results.

Think about it: in one week, you could be delivering the same kind of personalized experiences that brands like Amazon, Netflix, Instacart, and Spotify use to deepen their customer relationships with every click. That’s transformative technology. And when you start to see your customers as unique individuals, they start to see your brand differently.

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