First-party data ROI Calculator

With the crumbling of third-party cookies, it has become critical for brands to leverage first-party data to maintain & optimize the return on marketing spend. Implementing a first-party data strategy is marketers’ way to do it right for themselves.

We created this calculator off of average returns of our customers for five common CDP use cases so that you can see the ROI behind collecting & activating your first-party data in an intelligent privacy-compliant manner with a CDP like Lytics.

first party data calculator

1/5 Return on Ad Spend

Leverage first party data and real-time data science to optimize paid media campaigns

0 50M
0 50M

2/5 Cost per Acquisition

Leverage first party data and real-time predictive audiences target more effectively

0 1M

3/5 Web Conversion Rate

Personalize web experiences based on recommended content and experiences

0 1B
0 100M

4/5 Email Click-through

Deliver targeted email messaging based on behaviors and affinities

0 500M
0 100M

5/5 Subscription Revenue

Convert more subscribers by delivering the Next Best Experience

0 100M
0 30K

Return on Investment Results:

  • Results are calculated using the average annual returns of our customers.

First-party data ROI calculator

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