Core CDP

Eliminate data silos and build a holistic view of your customers. With customer data and segments available in real-time, Lytics adds speed and efficiency to formerly cumbersome and complex workflows for campaign activation.

360-degree unified profile

Lytics automates the process for both collecting and merging anonymous and known user profiles that update in real-time and can be passed through to downstream marketing tools.
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Data collection tag

Integrate Lytics right into your website to collect behavioral data in real-time. Lytics places a cookie to collect user information such as time of last visit, time of first visit, total visits, referral domains, device information, and geographical information. Over time Lytics analyzes this visitor behavior to identify trends, and which behaviors are most indicative of future actions.

100+ out-of-the-box integrations

With data feeds at the pace of business, Lytics provides near real-time access to actions, behaviors, and events that impact user profiles.
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Segmentation builder

Create, edit, and manage audiences quickly and easily with our intuitive segmentation builder. Audience membership is updated in real-time to reflect in-the-moment customer interests and behaviors.

Behavioral scores

Deciding the next message for a customer doesn’t have to be dependent on time. Lytics surfaces six unique engagement scores — frequency, momentum, propensity, quantity, recency, and intensity — enabling you to use data science to gain deeper insights into customer engagement.
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Predefined engagement segments

Take the guesswork out of manual segmentation and use Lytics to automatically surface a collection of unique audiences that warrant very specific actions; highly engaged, at-risk, new users, etc.


Connect your customer data to Google BigQuery to enable robust reporting views in Google Data Studio and to give you visibility into the performance of your audiences across various campaigns.

Website personalization

Activate personalized modals or in-line messaging in real-time based on audience membership of specific Lytics-defined segments.

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