Core CDP

Unify your data to create a real-time single view of your customer.

Simplify workflows for campaign activation using real-time data and segments.

Unified profiles

Collect and merge anonymous and known user profiles automatically. Update profiles in real-time and pass to downstream marketing tools.
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Collect real-time behavioral data

Identify trends based on real-time behavioral activity collection to predict most likely future actions.

150+ Integrations

Integrate Lytics CDP with your marketing tools to improve omni-channel marketing.
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Segmentation builder

Create, edit, and manage audiences. Update segments in real-time to reflect customer behaviors.

Behavioral scores

Gain deeper insights into customer engagement using six unique engagement scores - frequency, momentum, propensity, quantity, recency, and intensity.
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Predefined engagement segments

Surface a collection of unique audiences that warrant specific actions - automatically.


Gain visibility into the performance of audiences across campaigns. Connect customer data to Google BigQuery to enable robust reporting views in Google Data Studio.

Website personalization

Activate real-time personalized modals or in-line messaging.

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