Lytics Customer Data Platform

Serve smart and relevant experiences to your customers wherever they meet you with Lytics Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Identity Graph

Lytics employs a unique graph database where customer information is unified into always-on identity profiles. The graph is flexible, matching identities off of any combination of unique identifiers, and new data is constantly added and connected, never destructively merged. Keep progressive profiles on every visitor, over time and across every moment of engagement, whether they are unknown website visitors or highly engaged customers in real life or online.

Content Affinity

Lytics applies data science to all marketing content, automatically reading and categorizing web pages, articles, images and videos into topics. Lytics’ natural language processing (NLP) engine understands what the content is about and applies that knowledge every time a customer interacts. Instantly know what topics each customer cares about, without complex management or endless tagging efforts.

Behavioral Scoring

Lytics provides a collection of out-of-the-box behavioral scores that identify specific aspects of customer behavior, such as momentum, intensity and frequency, allowing an improved level of relevance in downstream marketing campaigns. These scores are updated in real-time, as each customer interacts, feeding up-to-date insights to help marketers decide what tactics to use and who to target.


Create smart segments based on unified customer data connected from everywhere, including online and offline systems. Lytics provides useful, consumable, and actionable behavioral segments, such as power users, binge users and at-risk customers right out-of-the-box that can be combined with your own rules in an intuitive audience builder.

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