Customer Data Platform

Our core platform—powered by live customer data and machine learning—helps you orchestrate more relevant marketing.

  • A single source of truth for all your customer data
    Screenshot of the Lytics Dashboard

    Your customer data may be scattered in a dozen different databases and tools, but Lytics connects it into one, centralized hub. Get started in minutes by dropping our JavaScript tag on your website and we’ll map the rest.

  • Rich customer profiles across communication tools
    Screenshot of a Lytics User Profile

    As known and anonymous customers engage with your brand, Lytics works behind the scenes to learn more about them. These profiles progressively build and merge over time as customers reveal more about themselves.

  • Power up your marketing with machine learning
    Screenshot of the Lytics Dashboard

    The moment data starts flowing into the Lytics platform, our machine learning algorithms get to work. For every user profile, we surface data science-based insights and behavioral scores that give you a marketing edge.

  • Easy to use, powerful segmentation
    Screenshot of the Lytics Dashboard

    Forgo static lists and build dynamic audience segments that adjust in lockstep with your customers. Lytics makes it easy to define exactly how your cross-channel data gets used for your personalized marketing programs.

  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing tools
    Screenshot of the Lytics Dashboard

    Extend the power of Lytics into the tools you already use. Our third-party integrations ensure that you can access your Lytics audiences and trigger marketing workflows as users flow in and out of segments in real-time.