Break through the barriers to one-to-one marketing with goal oriented journeys and ML-based decisioning

Customer Journey Optimization

Real people never follow a linear path to conversion. Lytics journeys know what experience to serve in the moment using continuous machine learning—optimizing every experience to be as unique as the person who receives it. No complex rules, just smart marketing that drives impressive results.


Automatically import marketing tactics from all connected channels, like email, web and advertising, and visually organize them around particular goals. Lytics allows marketers to focus on experiences that perform, with real-time visibility into what's driving conversions.

Decision Engine

Lytics will automatically choose the next right action based on an individual customer’s needs. Rather than relying on complex rules and segments to determine which content should go to which people, Lytics automates decisioning for who should get what, when and where through machine learning powered behavioral analysis and affinity to your content.

Audience Insights

Lytics audience insight reports, powered by built-in, machine-learned correlation models, compare two audiences and provide predictive analysis on the conversion likelihood of all audience members and what factors will most likely influence their conversion. These insights suggest who to focus on, with what content and tactics, to maximize results.

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