Orchestrate Individual Experiences

  • Easily Design Customer Journeys to Meet Business Goals
    Content Overview

    Conversations are meant to be two-sided, and to progress as both sides continue to interact. Easily design customer journeys with a mix of rules-driven and automated decisioning and Orchestrate will do the hard work automatically- delivering exactly the right message, to the right customer at the right time. Go from manual tasks and guesswork to confidently knowing and serving your customers in the best possible way.

  • Connect your Audiences Without a Data Scientist
    Intelligent Segment Building

    Build segments based on demographic, behavioral and data science based models that will dynamically adapt as each customer flows across all your channels. Lytics provides a collection of machine learning driven, predictive segments out-of-the box, such as highly engaged customers and likely to churn. Our real-time integrations allow you to natively use Lytics segments in your favorite marketing tools to synchronize customer experiences across all channels. With Lytics, you don’t need a data science team to leverage the power of machine learning.

  • Focus on Content that Performs
    Content Topics Detail

    When you know your customer and what they care about, it’s pretty easy to deliver value every day. Lytics allows you to organize collections of content and provides content recommendation tools—so you can deliver the right content into the conversation at the right moment to keep your customers engaged.

  • Get Insights on your Customers’ Experiences
    Orchestrate User Flow

    Leverage powerful insights about your customers as they flow through the journeys you define. With Lytics, you’ll know everything about who your customers are, their engagement with your brand, their lifecycle stage and their interests and desires. Easily serve and delight your customers by knowing them so well, they’ll feel your brand “gets them”.