360 Customer View

Up-to-date customer profiles enriched with behaviors and machine learning

Always up to date

Thanks to our robust, realtime integrations, data is always streaming into Lytics customer profiles, as it’s collected. Lytics stays connected to all data sources so the identity graph is updated on-the-fly as new knowledge streams in.

Anonymous and known profiles

Don't wait until a customer identity is known to begin delivering targeted experiences. Lytics begins generating actionable insights during the very first web visit. Both anonymous and known profiles stay current with always-on machine learning, behavioral scoring and content affinity, and the Lytics profile will evolve as more data is added over time.

Customer data enriched with interests and behaviors

Thanks to built-in data science, Lytics’ understands customer behavior as well as all their affinity to the marketing content being served. As customer profiles change, the audience segments they're in change too—in real time. By marrying interests to user behavior, marketers instantly know what topics each customer cares about most and can target them with experiences that matter to each individual.

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