Improve Advertising with First Party Data

Improve your advertising spend by spending dollars on the individuals most likely to engage using first-party data and predictive marketing

Facebook and Google Advertising

Increase acquisition rates with smarter “lookalike” audiences in Facebook, Google and other advertising platforms. Use Lytics to go beyond demographics or heuristic targeting criteria (which may or may not be accurate nor up-to-date) and leverage behavior-based attributes like "likely to purchase" or "likely to subscribe" and target those audiences in Facebook and Google for improved ROI and conversion outcomes.

Build better lookalike models

Create lookalike models based on real behaviors and desired goals for the business. Lytics provides marketers with always-on machine learning and data science to help them understand customer behaviors and activities that lead to conversions and outcomes—to build better lookalike models and target those outcomes.

Improve retargeting

Don't waste advertising dollars on visitors who are not likely to engage or convert. Lytics helps marketers retarget individuals that are likely to achieve the desired goal using machine learning—saving marketers from wasting budget and helping to significantly increase conversions with retargeting campaigns.
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