Integrated App Development

Leverage Lytics insights directly into customer-facing integrated applications, products and services

Dynamic content for email and web

Take personalization to the next level by integrating Lytics directly into website and email campaign development. Web pages and email templates can be configured to include calls to the Lytics content recommendation API, which will pull in uniquely personalized content based on individual behavioral scores or affinities to content topics. Design one experience while serving each individual with relevant experiences.

Segment-driven triggers

As customer profiles change, the audience segments they're in change too—in real time. When a customer moves to a new audience, Lytics can trigger an update or an instruction to a downstream tool or homegrown application, seamlessly incorporating insights from customer data into whatever workflow powers the business.

Next-best message in your application

Rather than relying on complex rules and segments to determine which content should go to which people, Lytics uses machine learning to automatically choose the next right action based on an individual customer’s needs. Thanks to our robust API's, this decisioning can be incorporated into any custom application development to power in-app experiences.

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