Customer Intelligence in the MarTech Stack

Drive results by delivering centralized customer intelligence to all your Martech tools and stacks

Integrated into your workflow

With over 100 out-of-the-box integrations, Lytics is connected to everywhere marketers work. Unified customer data and smart insights from across the Martech stack are available to supercharge the workflows already in place in downstream channel tools.
Watch and learn how Lytics connects

Great, an email is headed your way.

Real-time feedback loop

Lytics doesn't stop with routing events or basic segments to downstream tools. The instant a customer interacts with a marketing experience, their Lytics profile is updated to reflect their in-the-moment interests, behavioral scores and audience membership. These insights are sent in real-time back down to the channel tools to be leveraged into delivering the next experience.

feed reporting and analytics

Lytics collects data from a wide variety of data sources and makes it available for easy export. Take data from many sources, like email, web, Facebook, Twitter, and mobile apps and analyze it in the cloud using Google BigQuery, or in your own in-house data warehouse solution.

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