Smart Customer Segmentation

Build smarter, centralized customer segments and leverage them across tools and channels

Centralized smart segments

Build smarter, centralized customer segments based on behavioral and data-science-based insights. Lytics provides a collection of machine-learning-driven, predictive segments out-of-the-box—such as "highly engaged" and "likely to churn"—that go beyond demographics. Sync centralized segments across tools, channels, and journeys for smart and connected customer experiences.
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Insights vs. demographics

Marketers gain insights about who your customers are, their engagement with the brand, their lifecycle stage, and their interests and affinities—all based on their current behaviors and activities, not dated or erroneous demographic data. Use these insights to spark new ideas for content and campaigns to drive revenue growth.

Goal-driven predictive segmentation

Leverage behavioral insights and build goal-driven segments. Target those most likely to buy with the goal of purchase or those who are disengaged with a goal of winning them back. Lytics helps companies segment based business goals to streamline outcomes and improve revenue.
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