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How Lytics can improve your retargeting

The internet advertising networks have opened up the doors to adding first-party data and companies that truly know their users can do so much more with their ad spend. Learn more about how Lytics brings predictivity and behavioral segments to retargeting and remarketing.

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Using Lytics to Improve Email: Top 5 Use Cases

It can take a lot of time, effort and trust for your brand to earn a customer’s email address, yet all it takes is one poorly executed email for that same customer to unsubscribe from all of your marketing communications. Lytics gives marketers the insights into customer behavior that they need to improve customer engagement over email. The ultimate goal: send the right emails to the right people at the right time.

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Use-Case Study: Web Content Recommendations

Check out how Lytics customers are serving up relevant, personalized content with our Content Affinity Engine powering web-based content recommendations.

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Using Lytics to Improve Ad Retargeting: Top 5 Use Cases

Use the Lytics Customer Data Platform to Increase conversions, lower ad spend and improve return on ad spend.

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Choosing a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

What makes a CDP work and how it can bring customer-driven benefits to your organization.

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The Burdens and Benefits of the GDPR

Provides marketers and related roles with an initial sense of their obligations and opportunities under this new regulation.

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How Lytics Supports GDPR

How the Lytics Customer Data Platform supports companies in their GDPR compliance efforts.

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