Helpful guides and how-to resources for the Lytics Customer Data Platform

Facebook Advertising


The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising with Lytics

Understand how Lytics improves targeting, increases conversions and reduces overall ad spend by putting machine learning and data science to work. At the same time, learn how Lytics saves marketing teams tons of time by leveraging their first-party data in real-time.



CDP vs DMP: What's The Difference?

CDPs focus on first-party data, which belongs to companies themselves, and consists of both known and anonymous customer data that details user behaviors (ex. most active time), actions (ex. purchases, email opens) and interests (ex. affinity for baseball) across the company's online and offline presence.

Choosing Cdp


Choosing a Customer Data Platform

Personalization, behavior-driven, and omni-channel marketing require knowing more about your customers than ever. Customer Data Platforms, like Lytics, can help. Use this guide to discover what a CDP is, how it benefits data-driven marketers, and whether or not you're ready to use one.

Lytics Burdens And Benefits Of Gdpr


The Burdens and Benefits of the GDPR

In this FAQ guide to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Tim Walters of The Content Advisory, an expert in GDPR, offers a conversational primer on this regulation and how it will impact companies even outside of the EU.



Top 10 Web Personalization Use Cases Top 10 Use Cases For Web Personalization

Successful web personalization delivers the right content to the right person at the right time. But where do you start? According to our customers, here are the top-ten web personalization tactics to get you brainstorming.



How Lytics Supports GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect May 25, 2018, was put in place to protect EU citizens from privacy and data breaches in an increasingly data-driven world. Any company processing personal data related to the offering of goods and services to people in the EU are affected. Read this guide to understand how the Lytics Customer Data Platform supports companies in their GDPR compliance efforts.

Lytics Email


Using Lytics to Improve Email: Top 5 Use Cases

Lytics gives marketers the insights into customer behavior that they need in order to deliver relevant emails and increase inbox placement. Check out other Lytics benefits as well as our top-five email tactics to get you started.

Top Five Ad Usecases


Using Lytics to Improve Ad Retargeting: Top 5 Use Cases

Lytics helps marketers increase their online advertising ROI with more targeted and relevant audiences. Check out other Lytics benefits as well as our top-five advertising tactics to get you started.

Growing Saas


Growing SaaS Companies with Lytics

Software-as-a-Service companies, or business-application software companies, are well-positioned to use customer data platforms to increase subscription conversion and retain a healthy subscriber base. Learn how Lytics can help SaaS companies grow at every stage of the customer journey.



Use-Case Study: Web Content Recommendations

Check out how Lytics customers are serving up relevant, personalized content with our Content Affinity Engine powering web-based content recommendations.

Converting Unknown


Use-Case Study: Converting Unknown Visitors To Known

Check out how Lytics customers converting their anonymous visitors to known users, with Lytics' easy-to-use website personalization tool and our integrations with email service providers such as Marketo, Mailchimp, Sparkpost, and more!

Marketing Stack


How Do You Build Your Marketing Stack?

The Chief Martech blog explores four distinct marketing technology stacks popular within the industry. Lytics explores each one to determine their pros and cons, while describing why the Customer Data Platform is the way to go for modern, data-centric marketers.



How Lytics Can Improve Your Retargeting

The internet advertising networks have opened up the doors to adding first-party data and companies that truly know their users can do so much more with their ad spend. Learn more about how Lytics brings predictivity and behavioral segments to retargeting and remarketing.