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Build a Data-driven Marketing Org - Advance to Marketing 3.0 - Thursday, March 28th

Learn how to transition from Marketing 2.0 to Marketing 3.0 by aligning teams and technologies to execute true cross-channel personalization.

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Optimizing the customer journey

Find more customers who look like your best customers and own the customer relationship by creating 1:1 personalized experiences.

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The New 5 P's of Marketing

Craig Schinn, VP of Strategic Services at Lytics, will break down the new 5 P’s that marketers need to be thinking about.

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On Demand | Customer Spotlight: How Tableau's Smart Martech Stack Improves Digital Customer Experiences

Jason Widup, Vice President Marketing Operations, explains how Tableau used a hybrid approach, with Lytics at the core, to create a better customer experience, attain improved lead quality and better targeting, while becoming more self-sufficient.

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How Publishers are Using CDPs to Better Engage and Monetize Audiences - Tuesday, December 11th

Hear how publishers are using CDPs to drive key business objectives and share valuable lessons for getting a return on a CDP investment.

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Marketing 3.0

Learn the new marketing workflows and evolve to an individualized marketing machine using a customer data platform.

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Measure Trust Instead of Transactions

Why and how a shift from measuring transactions to measuring trust will deliver better experiences for customers and better results for marketers.

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Operationalizing a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to Put Customers First

New research that uncovers how leading organizations orient their Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) to put customer data first.

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Customer Data Challenge

Hear from Matthew Mobley, CTO of Merkle, and our very own James McDermott, CEO, to learn how to improve efficiency and ROI with your MarTech stack.

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Customer Data is Your Best Loyalty Tool - Tuesday, December 4th

How Dr. Martens and Wildfang create cult-like followings.

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The Burdens and Benefits of GDPR: A Webinar Primer - Monday, March 25th

Tim Walters of The Content Advisory and Lytics' Darren Guamaccia presents a webinar primer on the need for marketers to embrace GDPR.

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Panel Discussion: Building a MarTech Super Stack - Monday, March 25th

Hear from Lytics CEO, James McDermott plus senior MarTech leaders at Adobe, Google, and Salesforce as they discuss what it takes to effectively compete in the digital economy.

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