Data-driven marketing & developer webinars

On Demand | Use case for CDP: Catch them before they churn

In this 15-minute snack break, we’ll discuss how you can take the insights surfaced in Lytics to re-engage with relevant content before customers churn.

On Demand | Build strong customer connections through email

Take 15 minutes and join this snack break to learn how you can provide customers with truly personalized content, drive deeper engagement, and improve their experience with your brand.

On Demand | Build ideal use cases for CDP that get results

When defining your customer engagement strategy, it’s important to focus on the use cases. In this snack break, you’ll learn the elements of an ideal CDP use case and how to build your own to drive successful business outcomes.

On Demand | The 6 components of CDP readiness

Whether you’re a data scientist, marketer or managing the technology stack, join this snack break to learn about the 6 key components of CDP readiness that all organisations should focus on to ensure successful outcomes in marketing transformation.

On Demand | The 6 components of CDP readiness

Whether you’re a data scientist, marketer or managing the technology stack, you’ll learn about the 6 key components of CDP readiness that all organizations should focus on to ensure successful outcomes in marketing transformation.

On Demand | Third-party cookie challenge - what's next?

First-party data is mission-critical for marketers more than ever before. This snack break covers how your web tracking is impacted and can be improved in 2020 and beyond.

On Demand | ABCs of CDPs - Customer Data Platforms explained

The time is now to put your customer at the center of everything. In this snack break, learn how you can build better relationships with your customers by improving their experience with your brand.

On Demand | Intro to Lytics - Get a single view of your customer

Join Lytics experts for this webinar with demo, to learn how the Lytics Core Customer Data Platform helps unify your customer data, deliver insights, and drive individualized experiences at scale.

On Demand | Get optimal value out of your customer data

Join this webinar, hosted by CMS Wire, as Lytics experts explore steps you can take to advance your company from basic data collection and integration to acting on machine learning insights, including common missteps and misperceptions to avoid.

On Demand | Single view...what's next? Get the most value out of your CDP

Join experts from Lytics and Actable as they discuss how modern marketers are building a single view of the customer and getting value from it.

On Demand | Get ahead of data privacy changes in 2020: GDPR, CCPA & Third Party Data

Join this webinar to hear how the CCPA and anti-tracking technology may impact your company’s marketing practices and what steps you should take now on your compliance journey.

On Demand | Win and Retain more customers with the Next Best Experience

Join our guest speaker, Brandon Purcell, principal analyst at Forrester research, as he explains how to increase customer lifetime value and engagement by providing customers with the Next Best Experience.

On Demand | How Industry Dive is Making a Splash with the Lytics Customer Data Platform

Join Robin Re, VP of Marketing at Industry Dive, and Jeff Brown, VP of Marketing at Lytics, for this conversational webinar, in which Robin shares her organization’s challenges with personalization and explains how Industry Dive re-energized engagement by delivering personalized content recommendations--driven by the Lytics Customer Data Platform.

On Demand | How to launch a Customer Data Platform in 60 Days

Join to learn how you can gain actionable customer insights and personalized cross-channel experiences that get results in just 60 days.

On Demand | All About Marketing Tech Virtual Conference & Expo by NAPCO Media

Join our session, part of the "All About Marketing Tech Virtual Conference & Expo", where we'll explore the strides marketers have made in their ability to manage and take action on rich customer data with the help of new tools and technologies.

On Demand | Improving Customer Journeys with Behavioral & Content Affinity Scores

How do you harness the power of behavioral and content affinity scoring to build better customer experiences at every point in the customer journey? Join Maggie Wrona, Lytics’ Client Consultant, to find out.

On Demand | The Motley Fool gets wise with customer data: Reducing cost per acquisition by 20%

Financial advisory publisher The Motley Fool is on a mission to make the world smarter, happier and richer. When the brand implemented a new customer data platform, it dropped its cost per acquisition for some of its most valuable targeted prospects by 20 percent.

On Demand | Win the hearts and minds of your email subscribers with Lytics

Whether your goal is to increase cross-channel engagement or ROI, Lytics can help you target customers based on their behavior - an approach that’s proven to drive real engagement. Join Angel Jones—Lytics client consultant—to understand how you can improve the personalization and relevancy of your email campaigns.

On Demand | Build a Data-driven Marketing Org - Advance to Marketing 3.0

Learn how to transition from Marketing 2.0 to Marketing 3.0 by aligning teams and technologies to execute true cross-channel personalization.

On Demand | Optimizing the customer journey

Find more customers who look like your best customers and own the customer relationship by creating 1:1 personalized experiences.

On Demand | The New 5 P's of Marketing

Craig Schinn, VP of Strategic Services at Lytics, will break down the new 5 P’s that marketers need to be thinking about.

On Demand | Customer Spotlight: How Tableau's Smart Martech Stack Improves Digital Customer Experiences

Jason Widup, Vice President Marketing Operations, explains how Tableau used a hybrid approach, with Lytics at the core, to create a better customer experience, attain improved lead quality and better targeting, while becoming more self-sufficient.