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How Lytics Supports Privacy-Compliant Marketing

With the introduction of GDPR and CCPA, how are you protecting your customer’s data? Are you prepared to be compliant as additional regulations are enacted?

Forrester Report: Come together (right now) to deliver the next best experience

This Forrester report breaks down the many factors that are helping firms create the next best experience and how to implement your own strategy.

CDPs and DMPs: Demystifying Data Management for Marketers

What are CDPs and DMPs? How are they different? Can they work together? And why might I need one? In our latest white paper, these are the questions we tackle—breaking down the difference between Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and the unique values, challenges, and outcomes each brings to the table.

The New 5 Ps of Marketing: A Digital Transformation

So, if the old 5 Ps aren’t hyper-relevant to marketing jobs these days, where should we actually focus our energies? The answer lies in another set of 5 Ps—one that has grown and will grow with the evolving roles and technologies of marketing teams.

Permission Marketing: The Role of Trust in the New Data Economy

Consumers no longer trust companies with their data. And who can blame them?

Digital Experience Platforms: Buyer Trends, Preferences, and Strategies

Primary research from the Digital Clarity Group addresses why organizations invest in DXPs

Measuring Trust Instead of Transactions: Optimizing Digital Content Experiences

If marketers focus on measuring trust -- not just transactions -- they can deliver better long-term business results.

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